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4-year-old Percheron-Saddlebred cross16.3 HandsGrey Gelding (dapple as he matures)

Rueben has a great disposition and will go anywhere you ask. He is responsive and willing.  Rueben is easy to clip, bathe, and load and has the best ground manners you’re likely to find in a young horse.  He hilltopped at Belle Meade’s Opening Meet as a 3-year-old and behaved as though he’d been hunting for years.  He is a full-brother to our broodmare Felena (shown on the “Our Broodmares” page) and Zoe, who is hunting at Belle Meade.








Tercero “Tres”

8-year-old (Born 03/03/03) Saddlebred-Percheron cross•16.1 Hands•Light grey gelding


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