Welcome to Whittling Ridge Farms

Welcome to Lodi, Virginia!

At Whittling Ridge Farms, we pride ourselves on having a horse for everyone. Our focus is providing good, honest horses. We live on a working farm, where in addition to horses, we raise beef cattle, goats, and sheep.

We have various sizes of equines, from our Percheron draft mares on down to a miniature horse every now and again. We have Saddlebred-Percheron crosses, Morgan-Percheron crosses, Welsh-crosses, and Belgian-Thoroughbred crosses, in addition to many others.

Our horses are used to being ridden both alone and in groups, often with free-roaming horses in the fields with them, as well. They have many trail miles and are used for anything that they’re needed for on the farm. When riding on our farm, we never know what we might encounter when we ride out into the back fields. It is not uncommon for our horses to flush wild turkeys and deer from the woods or to round up our cattle and sheep to move into other pastures.

Our horses live naturally. All of our foals are pasture-born with our Great Pyrenees dogs at the mare’s side. From day one, they are learning to do things that many horses have to be taught later in life, such as crossing logs and streams. They drink out of those same streams and are raised on mountain bluegrass. While most horses have to learn to cross water, ours view that as a fact of everyday life.

We are determined to have the best horses possible, and for that reason, any horse that does not think right or live up to our specifications is culled from the herd. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or comments.
Thanks for visiting us!

Contact: Ava Warren 276-429-2142 or rocky34vt@gmail.com

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